Sunday, April 5, 2009

We have what you need to look younger and better!

Seriesse offers products to help you look good, feel great and make money! Today we'll talk about improving your skin with some of my favorite products.

From Allure magazine, April 2009 issue, and Fredric Brandt, dermatologist, "If you don't moisturize you're not letting your skin repair itself, which will just lead to more damage." So, if your skin is parched, it will create more damaging free radicals.

My favorites for hydrating my own dry skin: In the morning, C Serum with Sunscreen, at night, A Serum with Calstrum. The topical Vitamin A (Retinol) is the only thing that has been proven to reduce fine lines over the long term.

I also mix in the Super Mel C and the Rulinea some days, and also the Instatox with Creamerum when I want to look my best. The Rulinea is helpful for discoloration and, of course, when trying to lighten dark spots, you must use your Sunscreen.

Guess what, we have a product called Correchin that I also mix with Instatox to help with jowls, plus it works for a saggy double-chin!

Now, if enlarged pores are your issue, daily cleansing with salicylic acid wash (from our Continuously Clear line) dissolves the oil in the pores and clears away any dead skin that can lead to clogging. Also, use our Glycolic mask for a refined, clear complexion.

I'm sure you've heard me say before that as we age the turnover of cells slows down, which robs your face of radiance. Use our C-extreme results and our Glycolic mask for exfoliation. Removing the dead cells will also improve the penetration of the active ingredients in your skin care products. By the way, Seriesse offers higher levels of active ingredients so you really see results!

Antioxidants help keep your skin's collagen from being broken down, and one of the best is our Coenzyme Q10 which helps the skin cells repair damage better than other antioxidants.

Please contact me if you need any help ordering any of these products.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Transform your life!

Lower your cancer risk, get a stronger heart, have more mental clarity, sleep better and be

Move your body!

Getting your heart pumping increases your blood flow, delivering more oxygen to your brain.

According to Prevention Magazine, healthy adults who did aerobic activity consistently had 25% less musculoskeletal pain than couch potatoes.

The magazine also reports in the February 2009 issue that people who participate in vigorous physical activity just once or twice a week take about half the sick time of those who are sedentary.

And, a good workout practically ensures a better body image. Prevention reports that women ages 42 to 58 felt more attractive after 4 months of walking or yoga even if they didn't lose weight.