Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Great advice from Smart Women Take Risks

From the book, Smart Women Take Risks, by Helene Lerner
What makes you excited and gets the blood racing in your veins? Handling day to day tasks often leaves us with little time for reflection, causing us to end up stuck in situations we’ve outgrown. If you’re a little bored in your current career, you’ve waited too long. Any new position requires the leveraging of old skills along with learning new ones. Looking to make a change? Follow these hints:
Kindle a passion-passion is a great motivator, it’s what keeps you going when your energy or confidence flags.
Ponder things that panned out-recalling past times when you took a leap sets up a positive framework for moving forward.
Rethink fear-tilt your perspective to “jitters can be excitement”.
Seek mentors-ask senior leaders for their time.
Move your mind-does your mulling depress you or push you? Catch yourself when you have self-defeating thoughts and replace them with positive mind talk.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tammy Martin Spreads Seriesse in TN

Setting up at large shows

I’ve been a part of Seriesse for three months and I’ve been trying to think of ideas to grow my business. I placed an ad in a special edition of our newspaper that had some basic information about Seriesse and to contact me if you were interested in hearing more about our products (if you do this, don’t forget to have compliance review, they are quick about these things). This ad yielded only one result, a local radio station advertising rep called me to see if I’d be interested in setting up at a cooking show. I had to think about it, the cost was more than I’d planned to spend this month, but I decided to do it anyway.

The show was about an hour from where I live, so it took some planning. I’d never done anything like this before, so I had to figure it out. There were supposed to be 2100 attendees, so I was determined to find some new customers. I ended up learning so much…mostly doing things the hard and expensive way, but it was a great learning experience.

Shows are fun, you meet so many people, and even though the first show didn’t yield results for me, I wasn’t ready to give in yet.

I saw an ad for a State Fiddler’s championships at a local high school. The show was projected to have 10,000 attendees. I thought that because the competition was open to all ages groups, from pee-wees all the way up through seniors, I might find customers for Continuously Clear. I put a little more thought into it, assessed the costs (much less than setting up at a convention center) and had the things from the cooking show that were left over. I decided to do it.

At both shows, I spoke with many people. But there was a big difference in the conversations. At the cooking show, the attendees had only two hours to shop with the vendors. They also had to get seats for the main event, as the seats were first-come, first-serve, many left the vendor area early. I spoke to a lot of people, but I barely let them know who Seriesse was before they filled out their raffle entries and rushed off to the next table.

At the fiddler’s show, it was a two-day event. The conversations I had Friday night were individual, one-on-one conversations about very specific skin care concerns. I even heard a few “life stories”! I was able to give them samples on the first night and some came back on the second day to let me know they liked it and wanted to order. I gave them my website information, but later in the show, I remembered that I’d brought paper order forms and could use them!! Beginner’s mistake, but it was a good learning experience for me.

Now that both shows are behind me, I will definitely consider more large shows, but in a much more streamlined way and more cost-effectively. The first consideration for any show will be whether I will have the time to speak with attendees in the way I want to. Our business is all about building relationships with people and it’s hard to do unless you have the time to focus on the conversation and listen to their concerns.

If you’re thinking about doing a show and have a specific question or would like to hear more, please let me know, I’d be happy to talk about my experiences.

Tammy Martin
Independent Consultant

More tools for your Network Marketing business

I recently received an issue of the magazine, Direct Selling News available at and found it helpful for staying on top of what is happening in our industry. By the way, I received a free CD (Building Your Network Marketing Business) in the publication from Jim Rohn that I really liked. For info on that go to If you have information to share with the group, please check out the Forum at where you can chat with each other and connect with others in your area. Have a great day!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jim Cramer on Direct Sales in Tough Economic Times

Jim Cramer from Mad Money said Friday on his show that Direct Sales is where you want to be in tough economic times. Why? Because there is gigantic room for growth, most are international so they are helped by the weak dollar and people need to make extra money. He said the Bull Market right now is in door-to-door.

Many agree that we have more of an opportunity with the economy teetering on a recession.

In an article I read in the latest Network Marketing Business Journal it was stated that people need additional income right now and a low cost product with strong benefits.

In the same issue, there were two separate articles on who we should be looking at for our business. Don't ignore the 50+ market. They have more than half of all the disposable income in the U.S. and the 50+ group will increase 26% in ten years. They need our products and perhaps the business opportunity too. The 18-30 group is also attracted to our type of business because they are the most entrepreneurial generation thus far. They want freedom and to help others.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hi Everyone!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity last night to meet Nicki Keohohou, CEO and co-founder of the DSWA (Direct Seller's Women's Alliance) at a chapter meeting in Tampa.

She has been in Direct Sales since 1974, so she shared 30 years of knowledge with us and trained on Taking Pride in Your Profession!

It is so key that you KNOW IN YOUR HEART this is a great business. You have to let people know you are proud to have CHOSEN Network Marketing as your profession.

She asked everyone to give reasons for being proud of your choice, and it was eye opening. These are a few of the responses:

Make a difference in the lives of others
Provide a service, Simplify lives
Be your own boss, Raise your own kids
Personally empowering (see what you're made of)
Give back to the community
Among quality people who do the right things
Help people feel and look better
You get to decide what really matters to you

Your mindset affects everything else! The hard knocks=education. Look at it this way. You are using your formal education and your life experiences every day in this business.

The current situation with our economy makes it even easier to tell others about your business. People are LOOKING for ways to make more money to pay their mortgages and keep their houses. You may be the solution to the problem for them.

Nicki touched on the tax savings of having a home-based business. There are many other resources on the website. Here's a big one that I am guilty of. Are you writing down your mileage for business travel? Nicki says you get 50 cents a mile. She drove the point home by saying, “Tape a dollar bill to your windshield as you drive, and every two miles, throw it out and tape a new one, repeat!” I will now keep a log after that. By the way, someone made the suggestion to save all your mapquests as a record for your trips.

Nicki recommends getting the whole family engaged in your business so they support you. She also says to pay your kids through the business! She says the home office is not a red flag to the IRS as some accountants may tell you (mine did) so deduct your legitimate home office! Take pictures when you have others in your home for meetings. Check out neatreceipts to organize your paperwork.

When asked, the #1 reason people gave for coming to direct selling as a profession, the answer was...someone ASKED them!!!
Other reasons: minimal risk, image of profession has been uplifted, and because it allows them to be creative (thinking outside the box, no one stifling their creativity). People are out there looking...we have to ask them! They may say, “No, not ever” (although that can change too), or they may say, “No, not now” (which means it's not the right time). If so, ask them if they know someone!

Change your mindset! Care about people, then it's easier to pick up the phone. Put this on your phone: I CALL BECAUSE I CARE! Ask them, “Would you be open to taking look at something for me?” Who doesn't want to be open to things?

The DSWA has helped me so much! You can click the DSWA button from my website to read more about what is available and also to sign up. You get WAY more than you invest on this site. The calls are fantastic. It has helped me achieve Executive District Director and my sister-in-law, Cherie McCortney to reach Executive Director. By the way, they are now offering insurance as well for all of us who are self-employed! Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Have a great day!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Reasons to buy Seriesse!

From Self Magazine March '08

Improve your complexion with eggs! Protein promotes the growth of collagen, which builds skin resilience.

Add your omega-3 fatty acids which help skin make natural oils and absorb water from the air (in supplement form) or eat walnuts and pistachios. Try our Mega Omega Complex

The antioxidants (polyphenols) in dark chocolate protect against collagen-damaging free radicals. The more antioxidants you ingest, the healthier skin will look! Try our Multi-Vitamins

Berries are packed with vitamin C, skin's chief antioxidant. Try our Amla Rush

Vitamin A counteracts dullness by encouraging skin to shed old cells and grow new ones. Try our Vitamin A Complex