Thursday, January 31, 2008


Our special pricing, free shipping offers and free gift offers end today!
Please check out the offers below!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You're invited to join us for our 1-year anniversary with Seriesse!

March 19th-a webcast celebration-details to come!

We've launched our new makeup line to complement our 'beauty from the inside out' philosophy and to round out our product lineup. Learn more at

For January 30th and 31st ONLY, we'll be offering free gifts with every purchase of the Neutrals/Classics Makeup Kits and the Intro to Minerals Kit. If you order three items from the makeup line over $50, you'll also receive a free gift.

Free gifts end January 31st at midnight. Click here to see the entire makeup line:

Jennifer Flavin-Stallone introduced the line from her husband's office. Sylvester Stallone was off promoting Rambo in Spain, then Paris, according to Jennifer. Jennifer introduced

Lisa MacDonald, President of Product Development, who talked first about the Green Tea Water Amplifier. Click here to order:

When you are dehydrated it affects your skin, it looks flatter and thinner. This product helps with weight loss and helps decrease fatigue among other benefits.

This is one of the exclusive items to Seriesse! The items discussed in this entry, along with all of Sly's nutritional items, are only available through Seriesse (free shipping and specials are good until midnight January 31st on Sly's S-Force items). Usually green tea is sold in capsules because it's bitter. That's why so many people don't like green tea. Many of us won't drink it, even if we know it's good for us. This tastes WONDERFUL! I PROMISE! With all of our products we offer a 45 day money-back guarantee. You don't need to add sugar and it tastes great. No calories, no carbs. Curbs appetite. Turn your normal glass of water into a beauty treatment.

Celluduction, firms loose skin (20% improvement), reduces fat pads (by 43%), tightens surface skin. Ingredient complex that has been widely studied as beneficial for cellulite and loose, saggy skin. Seriesse nanofied (200x smaller than human skin cells) the ingredients so it is a treatment that delivers results. Click here to order individually (or go to the bottom of the entry to hear about an amazing special that includes the Celluduction)

Firmesse is one of our newer best-sellers! It's invisible fibers adhere to the skin and pull loose skin tighter. This is a new technology with polymers that works immediately and long-term. As it dries, it tightens loose facial skin or anywhere you feel you need the lift! Put this on top of your serums and moisturizers. Let it dry, then use your minerale makeup. Click here to order:

Now, a little more explanation about the makeup and how to apply it. Jennifer has covered the globe and has been on so many magazine covers as a professional model. She has taken all she has learned and created the makeup line. Take it from me, she is expert at making beautiful makeup with amazing colors. If you've been stuck in a rut with the same makeup for many years, TRY THIS, you will love it. Makeup that makes you look youthful and fresh. You will look like you, only better.

Choose your minerale color and they'll match the rest up for you in the kits! No guesswork about whether it matches or not. We offer 40% more makeup than the leading brand of mineral makeup you see on the market. There are no harmful chemicals. It's good for your skin. Mix the makeup in the lid (like a bowl)..swirl it on the brush and tap off excess, apply in circular motions with the brush. You'll get flawless coverage and a gorgeous glow. To apply your blush, smile and hit the apples of your cheeks, where the sun would naturally hit you. Jennifer searches high and low for the prettiest colors that make you look glamorous!

Classics and Neutrals work for everyone. We offer wood pencils, which are more expensive and always used by professionals. For your overall look, keep in mind this tip – if you go with a darker eye, go with a neutral lip, and the reverse - neutral face and strong, brightly colored lip. Tip: you need more color and depth on your lips as you get older.

Use the All-Over Warmth Minerale Powder LAST, on top of everything else.


Special kit for ONE MORE DAY!

This is $276 dollars worth of some of our best-sellers at only $99! If you are a consultant or a preferred customer, you can take an additional 20% off that price. Please contact me if you would like to sign up or hear more –

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Don't miss out on the launch of our new makeup line!
Jennifer Flavin-Stallone will present the line with special offers
from the Stallone's Beverly Hills home.
Tune in January 30th at 8:30 pm Eastern/ 5:30 pm Pacific.
Just click the link to watch!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Natalie's spin on the call

I've just listened to the training call outlined in the previous email and it is tremendous. John McCortney does a great job of outlining the growth structure and payment plan as well as characteristics to look for in growing your business. Please listen to the call and take the time to understand what he is saying. Use the playback feature (1) on your keypad. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I'd also like to add, it is important all of us are Active and subscribe to the $80 autoship at the 5th of every month. If you are not Active, you do not get paid. My autoship is the same as John's with the Multi-Vitamins and Amla Rush. I do, however, use the Green Tea drops, Green Tea Plus and skin care lines and update those as well.

The quality of the ingredients in the S Force are amazing. Seriesse is a step ahead of everyone else, and the one thing we can all do is take better care of our bodies. If we do not have our health, nothing else matters. Remember, there is no shipping and handling on all S Force products during the month of January.

In addition, Seriesse is an amazing company, and this is a fabulous opportunity for everyone -- if you want it. Desire is a key word in this call, and my question to you is do you have the desire to self develop and grow as a person and succeed?!? Everyone has a different meaning for what success is to them, and you need to determine what that word means to you. If you spend the time to self develop, you elevate your awareness and project yourself differently to others. As you further evolve as a person your confidence and skill levels develop as well. You will retail and recruit because of your understanding, belief and determination and you will succeed with Seriesse! Anything and everything is possible. You just have to want it - desire!

Why did you choose to become a Consultant with Seriesse?

What are you doing to achieve your initial purpose and current goals?

I am here to help you grow personally and professionally. I love what I do and the person I have become as a result of my self development through Seriesse. I have learned so much about myself and have found a lot of skills I did not realize I have and am now using and developing further. I am growing as a person while I am growing my business, and it is all because of my effort and determination. We have all the support we need. We just need to want and ask and do!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Health Benefits of Green Tea


Acai berry – this tiny purple berry has been called the world’s most nutritious fruit.

Found in our Green Tea Water Amplifier. It’s a blend of decaffeinated white and green teas, and comes in three delicious flavors: pomegranate, citrus (added orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit extracts) and mixed berry. The mixed berry gives you the added benefit of cranberry, raspberry and blueberry (rich in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants). Blueberry is also known to improve motor skills and memory. It is sugar free, so no added calories. There are 60 servings per bottle and each serving gives you the equivalent of 4 cups of tea. Add a dropper to water or tea, hot or cold. Some even add it to coffee and/or juice. You WILL drink more water as a result and it does boost your metabolism and is loaded with antioxidants.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

cholesterol lowering drugs

Vytorin, supposedly a cholesterol buster, failed to lower artery-clogging plaque in a recent study according to the Investor’s Business Daily on January 22, 2008.

This is not a reason to stop taking the product, but you may want to pay a visit to your doctor and see if our cholesterol lowering product can help you. It’ s working for others! Plus we have FREE SHIPPING until the end of the month! If you have any questions, you can contact me at

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Help for our friend and team member

You may remember me asking for prayers for Donnie who is still battling leukemia.
Just a reminder to continue to do so as he is undergoing chemo again. He has asked if you live near Atlanta and would be willing to give blood or platelets to call 404 459 8744. Thanks so much.

Sunday, January 20, 2008



42% of women struggle with dry skin.

What can you do? Use a good moisturizer. Click below to watch a video Jennifer and I did for a great repair cream:

If you have extremely dry skin, we have our Olive line. This is a treatment for night and you can put it right on top of your other products:

Use sunscreen. The sun dehydrates the skin! By the way, you need sunscreen even in the winter and even for casual exposure. Otherwise, you un-do all the good you do with your products. Click below to order our sunscreen which is not going to break out your skin. It is light weight and good for your skin.

Don’t over exfoliate, but use a scrub two times a month. Click here to order:

This is one of my favorites!

Another one of my favorites you need is our mask:

Use this no more than one time per week if you are really dry. Both exfoliators help rid the skin of the dead outer layer and keep your skin looking bright instead of dull and dry. Exfoliating will also help allow your other skin care products to work better. If you want to order at a discount (20% off the prices you see), you'll need to set up an account first and you can do that by clicking opportunity, become a preferred customer. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

For those who are in the 84% who want results in less than a month, our products really do deliver results quickly. We have percentages of active ingredients like you would find in doctor and dermo offices.

So, dry skin is the #1 problem, a close runner-up is acne. 41% of women complain about it. What can you do?

Avoid facials. Steam can swell skin’s top layer and trap oil and bacteria within. Use sunscreen and limit sun exposure. Because benzoyl peroxide can dry the skin, make sure to moisturize. I highly recommend you try our Continuously Clear line before you try anything else for acne:

It’s what cleared Jennifer’s skin and it’s why she is in the beauty business! If you have any questions, please go to my website and contact me.

A mere 18% of women say they have tried antioxidants. Too bad since most doctors say antioxidants, especially vitamins C and E fight skin-damaging free radicals and may help delay wrinkling. Mix it up, use the C Essentials

at night and A Essentials

in the daytime. Dermatologist’s preferred wrinkle fighter with decades-long research on retinol and collagen building. Don’t give up, you’ll endure two weeks of dry skin and then you’ll be rewarded with a glowing, smoother complexion. To deal with the flaky skin, exfoliate with a washcloth and use plenty of moisturizer.

23% of women would choose flawless skin over a 5K raise! Instead of Botox, try our Ice Age with GABA:

the next leading product with GABA sells for $115.00!

Add nutritionals like green tea and grapeseed extract

which have anti-inflammatory qualities and can calm the skin. All of the products offered in our S-Force line are AMAZING! I don’t say that lightly. I am very impressed, and have done my homework. For those of you who don’t know, I spent my last 20 years selling products at HSN. I’ve seen and studied them all! These are great products. By the way, in the news 1-20-08, hyaluronan is helping those with arthritic joints. Many are having it injected into their joints. Try our joint support first and you will be very impressed. I’ve heard great testimonials already in just a few months. Save on shipping until the end of January.

Here is a great overview of everything:

We are different, here’s why:

Now, mark your calendar for January 30th, because Jennifer Flavin-Stallone will take you through our latest makeup items from her home in Beverly Hills. You may even see Sly or the kids in the background!

Click here to watch at 8:30 pm Eastern:

We have the amazing mineral makeup available right now. Most will be the medium shade.

Green tea extract and weight loss!

From Allure January '08

Green tea extract seems to aid weight loss.

For 12 weeks people drank 583 milligrams of green tea antioxidants called catechins or one with only 96 milligrams. The potent-extract group lost an average of 3.5 pounds and lost one inch in the waist. Green tea may help the liver burn fat efficiently. Five to ten cups of brewed green tea could deliver a similar dose, but also a high caffeine content. Our Green Tea Water Amplifier delivers 4 cups of decaffeinated green tea in each dropper. To order go to:

If you would like more information about any of our products or our business opportunity, go to:

Thanks and have a great day!

Friday, January 18, 2008

#1 in Personal Retail Sales shares her story

The notes below come from Director and Presidential Founder, Natalie Inna Croce, who is always willing to help others and is one of our best team players! She explains how she takes care of her customers. Great advice! Thanks Natalie!

I have really focused on my customer base and phone them every month to see how the products are working for them, if they have any questions and what other requirements they have. I also really do know the products because I have used them so long (8 years), believe and love them, and mix them all the time. I truly am an "expert" and advise people very easily on what they should be using based on their current skin concerns. The key is to watch and listen to them because they point out immediately what they are unhappy with, and if you have a solution, they will buy it!
I also have one of all the products Seriesse I keep separate in a case to demo. A great example is the demo of the difference of effect between Insta-tox and Firmesse. They provide similar results but in different ways. I have the customer try both and determine which feels better to them. The minute Seriesse comes out with a new product, I purchase it. I have used all the products at least once, so I personally know how they feel and smell.
I believe in starting a customer out with the necessary basics. I first introduce them to the to the C-Extreme Results then one of the sets, depending on their age and skin care concerns. While the scrub/potion are processing, I have them sample the different green teas and explain about the benefits of the Acai Berry. After they complete one of the sets, I introduce other favorites of mine like the Glycolic Mask, Olive Oil Moisturizer, Green Tea Plus and Firmesse. The minerale makeup goes on wonderfully after the Firmesse.
I personally work better with one-on-one's versus parties. I find skin care to be very personal and confusing for most women. At parties it is easy to get distracted and lose focus. Women tend to buy less. One-on-ones allow me to spend about 1.5 hours with one person. However, I spend quality and quantity time with her, and she experiences everything she purchases. In addition, it really sets in my expertise and trust with her for a continued relationship. I find these customers trust my advice over the phone when introducing them to additional as well as new Seriesse products.
I also provide traditional "Customer Service" service to my local customers. I personally set up their account and give them their Login and Password (in person or via email) and let them know they can change it anytime (they usually do not). I keep this information in a folder, so if they have additional requests they trust me to handle it for them, and I do immediately. I have purchased Click & Ship through the USPS, so I can pay and print my own labels from my home and return customer orders to Seriesse. I will personally drop off any exchanges. I leave samples on door knobs all the time of new products or additional products they may enjoy. They will phone me for any request, and I will email or phone customer service for them. I really do go above and beyond. The everyday woman with children is simply too busy and WILL put things off! If I take the time to phone them and ask them my "Seriesse," they will request additional items.
Again, this is what the corporate office is trying to develop with Seriesse that Serious Skin Care does not provide. We are in a time of automation, and I do believe we miss and crave the "human touch." The way I view myself is my Customer is my Boss, and I am their Personal (skin care) Assistant. I am proficient at my job (skin care) and their right hand person in this department. I do what it takes to make them happy and keep my job. The better I do my job, the more they trust me, need me and pay me over time.
You can break this up into different parts if you like. I know it's a lot of information. I think the key is really knowing your products and how they work separately as well as together. This develops trust with Customers and Consultants and longterm relationships. The Customer Service is the other piece. You really have to go above and beyond to stand out and create loyalty.
Thanks for asking. You know I'll share everything but when you ask me these questions it makes me think.


TGIF! The letter below went out to Jennifer's customers and I'm posting it here so all consultants and their customers can see the locations as well. Send anyone who is interested in hearing about the products and/or the business opportunity. If you are a consultant, it will help you to get together with other consultants in your area.


Hi! It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since we launched Seriesse!

I'm sure you've noticed the media coverage Jennifer Flavin-Stallone has been getting and that we have so many new products you can't get anywhere else.

Perhaps you've been considering becoming a consultant. There has never been a better time to start. So many are finding this business not only fun but exciting.

Since you are a loyal team member, we want to extend you the opportunity to meet some of our consultants and hear more about the opportunity and the products.

Presidential founder and Director for Seriesse International, Steve McCortney, will be in Georgia next week. Steve is one of three of my brothers working the business with me. My mom, Beverlee, is also a consultant and will be traveling throughout the Southeast with him to help spread the word about Seriesse.

Many of Jennifer's loyal customers took the chance and came to one of these meetings and are just loving their new careers! One became a Director in the company in just 2 months and is now enjoying a healthy residual income. The women who have joined from Jennifer's team list have become great friends and are a wonderful addition to our growing team! By the way, I started my team in March of '07 with 10 friends and family members. I now have 590 people on my team with over 1600 customers under them.

Here is where Steve and Beverlee McCortney will be:

January 23 from 11am to 1 pm at Panera Bread at 3443 SW Archer Rd in Gainesville, FL 32608

January 23 from 7-9 pm Panera Bread at 8200 Mall Pkwy#100 in Lithonia, GA 30038

January 24 from 1-3 pm at the Starbucks at 1479 Hwy 20 W @ Rt 75 in McDonough, GA 30253 and

January 25 from 1-3 pm at the Starbucks at 1305 N St Augustine Rd in Valdosta, GA 31601.

If you would like to contact Steve, his number is:

(727) 409-5092.

We'd love to have you on our team!


Mindy McCortney

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jennifer and Sylvester Stallone on the media tour!

Hi team!

I have a lot of exciting news for you!

Rambo comes out January 25th so that means you'll be
seeing a lot of Sly! David Letterman, the Today Show and The View were all mentioned as programs you'll be seeing Sly and/or Jennifer on next week. Jennifer also did a segment for Insider and Entertainment Tonight as well. People will be talking about them and that gives you the perfect opportunity to mention your business.

You know Sly drank the Amla Rush in the jungle while filming
Rambo and he said it gave him a lot of energy and kept him from
getting sick during the long hours filming! If you are a customer, go to and click products to see my favorite products
and see a video describing them. This site is still under construction so it may go to the new site, or the old site until we get it all worked out.

Our promotion on the S-Force line continues and if you encourage every member of your team, plus all of your customers, to get the Amla Rush and Multi-Vitamin offer of $99 for both, think about how your sales will be by the end of the month...and more importantly...think about how much better THEY WILL FEEL taking these products!!!

Jennifer will be discussing the makeup January 30th and you can watch the webcast at

8:30 pm Eastern that night from your computer. Plan a party and your guests can watch it with you. There will be a special surprise that night so tune in and encourage all of your friends and family across the country to do the same. As Jennifer says, “Tell them just to tune in and see what's happening at the Stallone's house!” You can copy the link from your computer and put it in an email for them so all they'll have to do is click it that night. There is a link on the bottom of your Seriesse website that says Seriesse Live.

The Fast Start Kit will now be priced at $300 so everyone who joins your team and buys it will be a qualified leg. Keeps it simple! There are now 4 choices in Fast Start Kits. You are eligible to buy $600 worth of product at $300 in your first 30 days only. If you are interested in joining our team as a consultant, visit for more information.

Regarding the upcoming cruise, the dates are now July 24-28. It's a 4 night cruise from Tampa to Cozumel and to win need to reach Executive Director and have 2 months at $20K by May 31st. If you are just starting out that may seem impossible. I promise you it is attainable in that time frame as some have achieved it after just 3-4 months in business. So GO FOR IT! It will be exclusively Executives on the cruise so make sure you are one of them. You will not be able to buy your way there. I know you can do it.

Finally, our team conference call is available on the recorded line so you can listen to it. Don't forget the Seriesse call Thursday evening at 9 pm Eastern covering the upcoming Leadership training in Dallas February 15-17th.

Click on this link to see an article on Seriesse

Monday, January 14, 2008


Feel free to go to my website and send me YOUR questions.

We at Seriesse get the latest because of Jennifer Flavin-Stallone’s reputation in the industry and because of her status in Hollywood. We offer formulas that rival those in your dermatologist’s office (or the plastic surgeon’s office) because we use high levels of active ingredients and thereby we give you faster results!

It IS okay to mix different brands, we just recommend you avoid layering potentially irritating ingredients like glycolic acid and retinol. If you have known allergies, PLEASE do a patch test first. Ingredients like salicylic acid and sulphur can cause allergies.

If you are pregnant, nursing or under a doctor’s care for anything, always check with your doctor before starting anything new.

If you have lines and pimples, you should use our Continuously Clear line. The salicylic acid fights acne and exfoliates to combat aging. We have a moisturizer in the line because even oily skin needs moisture!

If your skin is dry, use scrubs and/or masks less often. Oily skin can use more often than recommended. Never use a scrub if you have a breakout or irritation.

THE best anti-aging product is…SUNBLOCK! If you are working at lightening your discoloration or age spots with the Rulinea FX or the A or C Essentials, you must use sunblock or you will be working against the lightening process.

Moisturizers with hyaluronic acid keep water from escaping from the skin. Best for dry skin. Check out our Supercreamerum, our top-of-the-line!

If you have enlarged pores, use our C-extreme results, our Glycolic mask and a our A essentials products to lessen their appearance.

Hydroquinone is a skin lightener that is banned in the European Union and Japan because in high doses it is a carcinogen (causes cancer). We DO NOT use this ingredient, but many high-end products still do. Buyer beware. This was topic of discussion on the Today show in the later segment. You would be better served to order our C Essentials if you have dry skin and/or the A Essentials if you have oily skin. The other option for combination skin is our Rulinea Fx.

The skin’s main function is to shield the body from bacteria, viruses and other invaders. When skin is severely dry or irritated, it’s barrier function is compromised and you get sick. All the more reason to keep your skin in good shape with Seriesse. Beauty from the inside and out. Go to to order skin care and the supplements that go along with the lines for amazing, healthy skin.

The light formula you used in the summer won’t work in the winter. Switch to a heavier cream that lists water as the first ingredient to instantly hydrate. Look for humectants like hyaluronic acid which continue to moisturize all day and shea butter and dimethicone to prevent moisture loss. Hot water washes away natural lipids which keep skin hydrated, so try tepid water and moisturize within two minutes of getting out of a shower. When the temperature drops, your body tries to save energy by slowing circulation to the hands and feet, so don’t forget the moisturizer for these areas.

Use sunscreen all year long! The sun’s rays are just as damaging in the winter. Physical blocking agents like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide protect against UVA (causes wrinkles) and UVB (burns the skin) rays. Our mineral makeup works as an excellent sunblock in addition to making your skin flawless and glowing! I love this makeup!!!

Dry skin becomes resistant to shedding, so you get ashy or pale areas. Exfoliating once a week will promote healthy cell turnover. Use our C Extreme Results, another amazing product.

Avoiding fat altogether is not healthy and it can dry out your skin. Foods (salmon, walnuts) or supplements high in Omega 3 fatty acids (Mega Omega) will improve skin hydration, along with monounsaturated fats like olive oil (Mega Omega) and avocados. If you go to my site, click "quick order" to see the list of items we offer. The Mega Omega supplement will be about half way down the page.

Skin repairs itself and heals dryness as you sleep. Body rhythms cause your core temperature to rise slightly in the middle of the night which relaxes pores and allows lotions to work better.

The retinol and peptides in our A essentials line boosts collagen growth, speeds up cell turnover, helps with acne, UV damage, dullness, blackheads and wrinkles. If you have oily skin you will love this. My brother, John, swears by it.

With Seriesse, you DO NOT need a toner. Only oily skin can benefit from toner and that’s only if you are not already controlling oil with a salicylic acid based cleanser. There’s no truth to the theory that toners help prep the skin.

I hope this is helpful to you. Feel free to send me your questions and I will answer them this way. If I don't know the answer I will find out! Also, you can go to earlier posts to read testimonials on some of our products and read more nutrition information.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Please read below to see how beneficial our nutrition items can be for you! If you are not yet taking our S-Force should be! Now you have special incentive to go to and order the vitamin and Amla Rush combination at a special new price. Please check out my offer on my site for new customers. Please call me or email me from the site if you have any product questions. I've been offering most of these products with Jennifer-Flavin Stallone for the past 15 years. Sylvester Stallone's new nutritionals are the greatest, I promise. I take them every day and we are getting wonderful testimonials from our customers. We have over 1500 customers on my team alone!


The following reduce the risk of cancer:

Tomatoes (in our phytonutrient compound in multi-vitamin)

Calcium (in the multi)

Selenium (in the multi)

Antioxidant vitamins (in the multi)

Green tea (in the multi)

The following reduce the risk of heart disease:


Omega 3 fatty acids (in our mega omega supplement)

B vitamins (in our multi)

Olive oil, canola oil, corn oil (in our mega omega)

The following reduce the risk of other conditions:

Calcium (in our multi and extra in the calstrum complex)

Chromium picolinate (we have chromium – different types)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Your Seriesse Customers

Hi! Have you checked in lately with your customers? Have you asked how they are doing with the products they purchased from you? I have a suggestion based on something I did today. I came up with a letter for my loyal (30% off), preferred (20% off) and retail customers. I've sent it to my directs so, if you'd like a copy, ask your sponsor. I've informed them of our latest promotion and informed them that they get the discount, minus their discount and then free shipping and handling. I hope this helps!

Better health and prettier skin!

Seriesse has big plans for 2008!

Special product promotions are in effect RIGHT NOW through January 31st
FREE shipping and handling on all S-Force items! This is BIG! Contact all of your friends and family, all of your current customers and tell them as it’s another reason to reconnect and remind them of your business. Ask friends to host parties for you themed for health in the new year.

S-Force (daily survival kit for the new year)

Multi-Vitamins plus Amla Rush as a set-only $99.95 and FREE shipping and handling! Put this on autoship NOW! EVERYONE needs to be on these two items. I take both EVERY day.

We’ve gotten great testimonials and results right away on these supporting items:

Joint Support-immediate results

Green Tea Plus-great weight loss results

Cholesterol Control-quick results

All have FREE shipping and handling!

Happy New You product assortment for consultants and customers-$176 for $139.95 plus free shipping and handling. This kit includes a nice variety of skin care items geared for better skin during the winter months. Visit to order or for more information. You can also get more information about how you can become a consultant and earn a sizable residual income within your first year!

All the details on earning the cruise coming next week! It'll be retailing and get started now! This is a cruise for those who WIN the contest only and it will only be for the winner and significant other.

Consultants on team McCortney…Perpetual Success Team trainings are scheduled over the next few months, check your back office.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Solution for dry winter skin! Testimonial from Ohio

Hey just wanted to let you know, that I have been taking the Super C Complex along with the C- Essentials creams and I think it has stopped my hands from really drying out. With the weather change I would have really chapped hands and my thumbs and fingers would crack and split, but so far since I have been taking the supplement I haven't had that happen so far. I'm so glad because with work I'm always washing my hands.

For more information go to

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Testimonials for our Seriesse products + call info

The following were submitted by Kathy in MA:

1. My niece called me last night to tell me that she has been breaking out on her face. She used her Pro Active on one side and our Dry Lo on the other side of her face. She said the Dry Lo side was much better than the ProActive side.

2. A friend also called me last night to tell me that her daughter ran out of the Clearz It she was using on her face so she went back to using the Pro Active she was using before she tried the Clearz It. My friend said her daughters face was now a mess. Her breakouts were not being controlled and her skin was drying out. She said, "Please get me some Clearz It fast!"

3. My moms cholesterol went from 269 to 199 after using our Cholesterol Control.

If you are a customer, please go to for more information and to order.

These product testimonials came from one of our consultant's customers. Please send me any you have heard as I'm posting them on our upcoming website.

By the way, on our latest recorded weekly'll hear about 30 seconds of "dead air" at the very start, you can wait or fast forward to the open.


Hi everyone!

If you are a consultant on Team McCortney this will help your business. If you are a customer, please go to to order.

Please see below re: our latest offers from our home office.

Seriesse has big plans for 2008!

Special product promotions starting tomorrow at 5 pm through January 31st
free shipping and handling on all S-Force! This is big, contact all of your friends and family, all your current customers and tell them. Another reason to reconnect and remind them of your business.

S-Force (daily survival kit for the new year)
Multi-Vitamins plus Amla Rush as a set-only $99.95 and FREE s&h-
do it now on autoship. EVERYONE needs to be on these two items.

Great testimonials right away on these:
Joint Support-immediate results
Green Tea Plus-great weight loss results

Happy New You product assortment for consultants and customers-$176 for $139.95 and free s&h, includes a nice variety of items.

Email or call all of your existing customers, throw some parties themed for the new year, health etc.

All the details on earning the cruise coming next week! It'll be retailing and get started now!

Perpetual Success Team trainings are scheduled over the next few months, check your back office.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cherie McCortney's spin on the weekend

Happy New Year to each of you! I hope that you had a wonderful Holiday. I know that for me, Christmas really threw me for a loop. It was a new experience balancing all of the events of the holidays, my family and my Seriesse career. But I made it, and now I am ready to make 2008 the best year yet!
Many have started the year full force. You see that January is an important time when many reevaluate their lives and make new goals for the future. This is your opportunity to help potential Customers and Consultants.
I would like to take a moment to share some of the events that we attended this past weekend. I know I learn a great deal from other Consultants and I thought you would find some inspiration as well.
Mindy flew to Ohio this weekend and we started our weekend with a Seriesse Event hosted by Barb Grogh. Barb rented the Massillon Women's Club, an incredible Victorian Mansion built in the late 1800's. Let me say this is one of the most ornate and lovely buildings I have ever seen. Barb had a great turnout. Her invitations were beautiful Victorian themed cards and she told a bit about Seriesse and also shared some of the history of the Women's Club. I believe many of her guests were as curious as I to see this historic home. Barb served coffee, punch and cookies. She was a gracious hostess and we all had a wonderful evening. I thought this was a creative idea and certainly a treat for all of us who attended. What a great idea!
We then switched gears and spent the next two days with Darla Majnaric at the Gym where she is a client. Darla has become a sponsor of Summer's Fitness 24/7 in North Canton, Ohio. As a Business Affiliate, Darla and her Seriesse Business have quite a presence in the gym. She has a large Seriesse International banner with her web info posted, all of the employees of the gym wear t-shirts with the Seriesse Logo and Darla's website, she can display her products and offer samples, they will also highlight a Seriesse product in their monthly newsletter. Summer has planned a Women's Day where she will offer Nutritional Consultations, Fitness Plans, Massage, a Celebrity Makeup Artist and of course, Seriesse! The list goes on. It will prove to be a great business builder for Darla. Without a doubt there are big things on the horizon!
While working at Summer's Fitness we were pleased to have some of our Consultants from Pennsylvania and Cleveland join us. It reminded me just how important it is to make time to network with your Successeline. We brainstormed ideas, planned our events for the month of January and basically had a wonderful time. Seriesse can bring incredible financial security and freedom but one of the most valuable things I have found are the friendships I have gained through this business. Priceless.
I know this was a lengthy e-mail. I appreciate your time and hope these stories may inspire you to try something new as well.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


You're Invited to A
“Seriesse” Dinner with
Jennifer Flavin-Stallone!

Start the New Year by Meeting Jennifer and Hearing How Her Top Achievers Reached Success!

Thursday, January 10th
6-10 pm
Radisson St. Petersburg
12600 Roosevelt Blvd
$25 per Person

Please Call (727) 244-1571
To RSVP by January 7th

Join Us for A Fun Evening!

Vitamin D in our supplements

If you were watching the Today show, it was recommended that you get more Vitamin D! You'll be glad to know our S-Force multivitamin (from Sylvester Stallone and Seriesse) has the recommended 1000 International Units (IU) of Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a role in insulin and nerve formation and many studies now link it with MS and muscle function.

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Consultants on Team McCortney: Please look at the following:
Important info for Consultants. Please print and post.
January 5 and 6 (between 10 am and 4 pm)
Send consultants and prospects to:
Summer's Fitness 24/7
8050 Frank Ave in North Canton, OH 44720
I will be there to answer questions and train! Mindy's cell 727 244 1571
Next training call-January 9th
Next webinar-January 10th
Below are the company trainings for your team across the country.
Salt Lake City Jan 11-13
Southern California Jan 18-20
New York Jan 25-27
Southern Florida Feb 8-10
Leadership Training in Dallas Feb 15-17

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year! Setting goals.

Hi! I read an article about setting goals in the new year. This is what I got out of it. Enjoy! Wishing you all the best in '08!

Mindy McCortney


(taken from an article by Michael Clouse)

Design your year with the end in mind. Write everything you have ever wanted in life in 3 minutes. Choose the ten most important. Rewrite each in a present-tense sentence as if it were already reality. Be specific.

What you think about you bring about! Take actual photographs of all you want. Put them all out where you will see them every day. Look at them for a full 15 minutes everyday. Focus on what you desire.

Read books, listen to audiotapes that will draw you closer to what you want. Apply the knowledge.

Plan your work and work your plan. The Quakers say, “When you pray, move your feet”...go at it with all-out massive action. Set up your calendar. Decide in writing before you go to bed each night what six things you will do the next day.

With every decision you make ask yourself, “Will what I am considering push me further from or pull me closer toward my goals?” Only do those things that will draw you in the direction you've decided to go. Decide to act as the person you want to be. This will elevate your decisions to greatness.