Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great tips for your Seriesse business from Constant Contact

Email marketing tips for promotional copy (from Constant Contact)

Know your audience (even picture their day)
Determine your value proposition (what’s in it for them)
Find a USP (unique selling proposition, how are we different or better)
Establish an objective (purpose of the email, what do you want them to do)
Use a compelling subject line (use YOU)
Include a great headline (what if they only read the headline?)
Avoid weasel words (only use strong action words with resolve)
Don’t use passive voice (present tense)
Include a customer quote (photo even)
Keep copy clean and concise

Have a great day! Two days left on our AMAZING April specials!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Helping you choose business partners and customers

Focus your efforts for 15 minutes every day on prospecting.
Keep a time limit on your calls.
Prospecting is simply an exchange of information.
Our prospects, customers and consultants, want youthfulness, luxury, health, friends, security, money, power, prestige.
Always put yourself in your prospects shoes. It’s human nature to be reluctant to change. Most people have fearful minds.

The consumer is overwhelmed by choice and would like a simpler life. They’re looking for meaning in their lives and are striving for self-improvement versus contentment. They want to give back to the community and are looking for a sense of community, a network, a tribe.
They’ve worked hard and want indulgence, healing, nurturing. You can’t sell, you have to heal. People are looking for choosers, like Oprah(trusted people whose values you identify with and who guide you for best choices).

Self-management and self-discipline
Ask yourself, “Can I work alone?” Most of this work happens when no one is looking. You must lead yourself exceptionally well.

Successful people stay in their strength zone. Grow in areas you are good in.
Be yourself. You’ll mess up trying to be someone else.

By 2012, nearly 10,000 Americans a day will be turning 65. Adults over 45 are 39% of the population. Aging customers are to spending more than $30 billion a year on anti-aging products. Most influential area of product growth is the linking of internal health and beauty with anti-aging strategies. “Skingestibles” promote beauty from the inside out. Nutraceuticals are becoming mainstream. Don’t forget the supplements that go along with our skin care lines. Our specials can be located from my home page at www.mindymccortney.com and are good until the end of the month. These are GREAT specials and sensational products. Check them out! Have a great day!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Debra Murray and Wolfgang Puck on HSN

My good friend Debra Murray is the food stylist for Wolfgang Puck and you can catch her all day with the Today's Special on HSN and presenting her new cookbook with great wok recipes. You can also see what Debra has been cooking up at www.cookingwithdeb.com.
She is a wonderful and creative person who has taught me a lot in the kitchen!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jeweler Kenneth Fron loves our Amla Rush!

Just wanted you to know I really LOVE the Amla Rush!!! Every evening when I come home from work now, I stop at the fridge and drink 1 capful straight. There's something it does...it gives me a huge boost and by the time I get upstairs into my home office...I am raring to go! I've been networking and working on my jewelry like there's no tomorrow! http://www.kennethfron.com/

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Get the FEED bag and Go Green!

I'm sure you're aware of the issues with consuming plastic bags from the grocery store! I've been happy to use them for cleaning up after the dog on our walks, but I've found something that can help feed children and carry groceries home, so I've made the switch! It will cost you $59.95 from Amazon but it will FEED children! Check it out! By the way, I'm sure you've seen the press on David Bach and his new book. Here is the link www.greengreen.com
Have a great day and help someone! M

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Be the best you possible!

Dr. Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, and co-author of the Dr. Oz book, You Staying Young, says certain nutrients are known to be brain foods, the main one being omega-3 fatty acids. They improve the function of your message-sending brain neurotransmitters. He recommends a multivitamin twice a day as an insurance policy against an imperfect diet. He says you need to take a multi every 12 hours or so to keep them at a stable level. My plan is this: First thing in the morning, the Amla Rush. After breakfast, my pack of the S-Force Multi with our Mega Omegas. Then throughout the day with snacks I take our other supplements, the Calstrum, C and A line supplements. This way I spread my vitamins throughout the day. By the way, by doing this and taking our Green Tea Plus along with our Green Tea Water Amplifier, I have more energy, drink less coffee, am more focused and I am losing weight without changing anything. My brother, Michael, a financial advisor who also rehabs houses in the evening, says he feels lethargic when he is off the vitamins and Amla. He did it as a test! My brother, John, is lifting more weight at the gym than ever before! I promise you, there is something to our nutrition line! Try it today by going to www.mindymccortney.com! Here's to your health!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Self Mag and Dermos give advice

You need at least 4 things for great skin. Cleansing products (wash skin at the sink not in the shower, steam can trap bacteria), Antioxidants (apply before sunscreen), Sunscreen (UV rays sap moisture from your skin) and Anti-aging products (clean skin is primed to absorb potent antiaging products). We at Seriesse have all of the above!
For your eyes, sleep on two pillows to prevent fluids from pooling under the eyes. White bumps are clogged pores from too much moisturizer, cut back. Dark circles are often caused by dehydrated skin. Moisturizer is the answer so pick up our Ice Age. Use your glycolic mask twice a week to absorb oil and help prevent breakouts. Must haves: Vit C, Retinols, Peptides! We have it all so go to www.mindymccortney.com to order and learn more!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Robert Garcia, Style Network tonight at 9 pm Eastern

Hello friends!

I just worked with my friend and makeup/hair stylist, Robert Garcia, on a shoot this week and I want you to know about him!

Not only will his show Split Ends be on tonight at 9 and midnight Eastern, but he has a full line of wonderful products as well!

He also has a great concept for a new reality show so I just wanted to spread the word. He can send you a tape of his TV work if you'd like.

Should you be interested in what he has to offer, call him at 1 954 243 1833.

He's a wonderful person and I really believe in him! Please spread the word to anyone you think would be interested.
Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

British Hill on Crafting Your Vision

The information below comes from Seriesse consultant and Director, British Hill, who did our most recent team call. Please see below on how to order the CD set she mentioned.

Per your request, here's the info for everyone listening to the call that may be interested in getting the CD album set. I mentioned you would get the information out for those interested in purchasing it. I've copied the actual marketing paragraph from Randy Gage, it explains the program nicely.

Thanks for sharing it with everyone...I really believe we will all benefit from it! British

Crafting Your Vision

As soon as this 12-audiotape album was released, it was hailed as one of the greatest self-development tools since Think and Grow Rich! It gets to the real root cause of success or failure - the vision you create for yourself. It's pleasing to your ego to assume your group is not growing because of outside factors and other circumstances. It's very convenient to blame your lack of progress on the compensation plan, the price of the products, timing, the area you live and a host of other external factors. But the truth is - you are reaping the results of the vision you created! Get it today at www.ProsperityUniverse.com