Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boost your brain power!

Stressing about the economy, the election and more?
Keep your brain healthy in spite of all the worries!
To follow is a list of just a few of our ingredients that are in Sylvester Stallone’s S-Force Multi-Nutrient Supplement and tonight I speak specifically about brain health.
Alpha Lipoic Acid which provides powerful antioxidant action and regenerates other important brain antioxidants including vitamins E, C and glutathione (all of which are also in our product). Alpha Lipoic Acid is absorbed from the gut and penetrates into the brain.
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) dramatically increases the body’s production of glutathione, one of the brain’s most important antioxidants.
Vitamin E exhibits profound ability to limit free radical damage in the brain. We offer mixed tocopherols which is what experts say is most effective.
Gingko Biloba directly improves brain metabolism, increases brain blood flow and provides antioxidant action.
Vitamin D-probably the most talked about currently! It may have even greater ability than vitamin E to quench brain free radicals. We have cholecalciferol-the most effective of the five forms of vitamin D. Plus we offer 1000 IU which is the optimal level.
This is a stat from Prevention magazine which I found amazing...there are 257,000 cancer deaths in 2007 linked to low vitamin D levels. They go on to say that getting enough D can relieve backaches, ward off cancer and deter diabetes.
We have 30 plus organs and 100 trillion cells in our bodies! Treat them right and order your multi today!
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