Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why use Sly's SPro Whey Protein?

Enhance energy, reduce body fat, boost metabolism, increase muscle tone and build lean body mass, boost immune function, boost serotonin activity, improve mood. At Seriesse International we have created the best-tasting vanilla whey protein powder that you can use as a meal replacement or to recover after workouts.

Whey protein is best because it is a complete protein and contains all essential and non-essential amino acids. It is absorbed, retained and used in the body.

The human body is mainly made of protein. In the course of living, our tissues break down, wear out and must be regularly replaced and repaired. To do that, your body needs a steady supply of quality protein. This is an anti-aging treatment and a weight management tool.

We all intend to eat the right way but never do because of daily obligations. This is one way you can ensure you are doing the right thing for your body. Of course, as with everything we offer you get a full 45-day money back guarantee.

Try it today on special! Go to my site (click above left at and click where it says ORDER SPRO OR POWER PACK. The power pack is the best value as you get everything you need to help your body shed pounds and feel great! I use every one of these products every day and so believe in them. Order before the end of August for the sale price and for FREE SHIPPING!

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