Wednesday, September 10, 2008

B12, Your Brain and S-Force from Sly and Seriesse

If you watched the news this morning you may have heard that a recent study has shown that those with high levels of B12 in their blood had 6 times less brain shrinkage!

You'll be happy to know our Age Defying Multi-Nutrient System from Seriesse and Sylvester Stallone has very high levels of B12 in it. Of course, the B
vitamins are all there and in balanced ratios!

If you are not using our S-Force items, let me give you my prescription: The Multi's are a must, along with our Amla Rush Concentrate, our S-Pro Whey Protein Powder (20 grams of protein), Green Tea Plus weight loss and energy supplement, our Mega-Omegas and our Green Tea Water Amplifiers.

I promise you will look and feel better if you get started on these right away!
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Thanks and have a great day!

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