Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Energy and passion instead of extra weight and stress

Especially after the holidays we feel a little heavier and more sluggish.
With the dawn of the New Year we always feel motivated to do something about it. We all have good intentions and then life gets in the way of our goals.
We all know what to do, but we don’t do it! Why is that?
First we need good reasons…then, I believe we need someone to hold our hand, yet hold us accountable…someone to give us the facts and help us apply them.
Well, this year, a group of us will be trying something new. We are going to use superior products to assist us in sticking to our weight loss and energy goals and we will couple it with the accountability of a group session to keep us on track.
My name is Mindy McCortney and I am a health coach. I became a health coach to help my clients purchasing my S-Force nutritionals.
I am prepared to facilitate a group training session once a week via telephone and will also provide motivation through emails. As we progress through the month of January, you may opt to join my health coaching website that offers food and exercise trackers among many other services to help keep you on track.
We will start with small steps and new behaviors to crowd out the old negative behaviors that have kept us stuck.
I hope you will join us in our effort to shape up and ramp up our energy and passion for life! You will be exposed to great information and products and make friends along the way. Simply order your S-Force weight loss kit and send your email to be included in the group. Looking forward to meeting you.
Happy New Year! Happy New You!

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