Monday, January 5, 2009

What do you want?

Hopefully you are feeling motivated and excited about a new week, a new year and a new you! Even if you’re not, ACT like you are. Start by finding a way to enjoy the activities you do every day.
I read something when my kids were small that made me realize I’d better start finding a way to enjoy cleaning, laundry, dishes and making lunches because I’d be doing them for a long time. Guess what? I really do enjoy them now.
Putting your attention and love into daily activities does pay off! Energy flows where attention goes. Put your energy into the activities that REALLY matter. Be present in the moment and count your blessings.
If you have not yet started your affirmations, this is a good day to begin that. At first, I was hit or miss with mine, now I am consistent and have created quite a long list that I read through at least once a day.
Reading them while waiting at appointments or sitting in traffic is helpful. (By the way, my life coach friend, Nancy, recommends buying bubbles and blowing them while in traffic. She says the breathing part of it is helpful and you make others smile!)
Examples of some of my affirmations:
I love and accept myself and the choices I have made.
I now take charge of my mind and life.
I am willing to change. I release all resistance.
I create a new life with new rules that totally support me.
Don’t give up on your affirmations. Realize it has taken a lifetime to create your world the way it is now. It may not necessarily change instantly.
From the book, Creative Visualization, by Shakti Gawain - shorter, simpler affirmations that convey a strong feeling are more effective.
She says many in our culture have become cut off from their spiritual essence and thereby feel helpless or powerless. We then overcompensate and struggle very hard to have some degree of power or control in our world.
I have been guilty of this and have finally learned, LEAST EFFORT, NOT MOST EFFORT.
Nancy said to me recently when I said how I feel a need to be productive in my hours I’m not sleeping, “Is that what you want your life to be all about?” She encourages me to focus on BE-ING, not do-ing.
Figure out what you want your life to be about and start creating that!
Have a great day and a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Mindy! Happy New Year. Thank you for an inspirational post. I read it early in the a.m. before work and it was the boost that pushed me to get into the office. You may not realize just how special you are to everyone. God Bless!