Thursday, February 19, 2009

Netflix for Jillian Michaels DVD

In my attempts to save money and keep my workouts fresh, I joined Netflix and found they have over 500 fitness DVDs to choose from, plus a variety for you, whether it's dance or yoga or resistance training or tai chi!

I opted for the plan that gives you one DVD at a time for less than $9 a month. With that, I can download an unlimited amount of movies at no extra cost. There is a free offer so you can check it out!

The selection is great. I took about 30 minutes to put ones that interest me into a list. When I send one back, I get the next on the list within two days. It's really fast.

They also suggest DVDs for you based on your interests. I love the service and I found a fitness DVD that I got a lot out of. It's Jillian Michaels for Beginners: Backside. I learned things I'd never heard before and it was a great workout.

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