Saturday, May 2, 2009

What skin care products are best for you?

According to Allure magazine, 3 out of 4 women say they are confused about their skin type. That can make choosing products difficult. Seriesse can help with targeting products for the various stages of life. If you contact me I will be happy to do a consult with you to determine what you might need.

If you suffer from acne, we have the Continuously Clear line to treat, clear and even PREVENT acne. If you have acne, DO NOT use a scrub, but our Glycolic Mask will be helpful for you.

If you have large pores, some oiliness or sun damage and fine lines, our A Essentials line will help you.

Our C Essentials line is a little more emollient and good for 40 plus skin or if you are dry and have deeper lines and wrinkles. It also will help with sun damage or dark patches. Reveal a new, soft, fresh complexion with our C Extreme Results. It is a two step microexfoliator that you will LOVE!

If you are more mature and have thin skin, I recommend our Calstrum line for night and Uplift for daytime.

When in doubt or if you have combination skin, I can highly recommend our Gylcolic Cleanser and Mask, plus our Super Mel C line.

We have plenty of other targeted treatments I will discuss in further posts for you.

Tomorrow I will be talking about our Mineral Makeup line which I use every day and love.

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