Saturday, April 5, 2008

Self Mag and Dermos give advice

You need at least 4 things for great skin. Cleansing products (wash skin at the sink not in the shower, steam can trap bacteria), Antioxidants (apply before sunscreen), Sunscreen (UV rays sap moisture from your skin) and Anti-aging products (clean skin is primed to absorb potent antiaging products). We at Seriesse have all of the above!
For your eyes, sleep on two pillows to prevent fluids from pooling under the eyes. White bumps are clogged pores from too much moisturizer, cut back. Dark circles are often caused by dehydrated skin. Moisturizer is the answer so pick up our Ice Age. Use your glycolic mask twice a week to absorb oil and help prevent breakouts. Must haves: Vit C, Retinols, Peptides! We have it all so go to to order and learn more!

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