Sunday, April 6, 2008

Be the best you possible!

Dr. Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, and co-author of the Dr. Oz book, You Staying Young, says certain nutrients are known to be brain foods, the main one being omega-3 fatty acids. They improve the function of your message-sending brain neurotransmitters. He recommends a multivitamin twice a day as an insurance policy against an imperfect diet. He says you need to take a multi every 12 hours or so to keep them at a stable level. My plan is this: First thing in the morning, the Amla Rush. After breakfast, my pack of the S-Force Multi with our Mega Omegas. Then throughout the day with snacks I take our other supplements, the Calstrum, C and A line supplements. This way I spread my vitamins throughout the day. By the way, by doing this and taking our Green Tea Plus along with our Green Tea Water Amplifier, I have more energy, drink less coffee, am more focused and I am losing weight without changing anything. My brother, Michael, a financial advisor who also rehabs houses in the evening, says he feels lethargic when he is off the vitamins and Amla. He did it as a test! My brother, John, is lifting more weight at the gym than ever before! I promise you, there is something to our nutrition line! Try it today by going to! Here's to your health!

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