Friday, September 12, 2008

Seriesse Special

It's not everyday you can buy the BEST OF THE BEST in moisturizers for the eyes and face, and one that works for men and women 20's plus that does all the jobs you want plus delivers results...and you get $193 in free products too!!!

Seriesse is offering that right now while quantities last. Don't wait...go to and click on the End of Summer Spectacular (bottom left)to order.

The Creamerum Eye and Face moisturizers are a light consistency, good for all skin types and packed with important ingredients to feed the skin what it needs to help prevent wrinkles, keep skin hydrated as we head into Fall, help fade those sun spots we got over the summer, reduce puffiness around the eyes and more! This duo normally sells at $129 by itself.

Get our #1 cleanser, the Glycolic Cleanser, a soap and oil free cleanser that really removes that top layer of dead, dulling cells. I use this morning and night every day. The Rulinea Fx is a great morning pick-me-up with it's peppermint scent, and you can use it to help fade dark spots and moisturize any skin type.

You'll also receive the Ice Age spot treatment that relaxes wrinkles with GABA and fades dark cirlces under the eyes. Now, my favorite from this group, the Celluduction, which reduces cellulite and fat pads. I get this on autoship every month and use it daily to control cellulite. I lost at least an inch in each thigh by addiing this to my daily routine.

You, of course, have a 45 day money back guarantee so don't delay. Log on now to and get your $322 dollar kit for only $129. If you'd like to save more, ask me how to make this a business and get paid back for all of your health and beauty purchases! Have a great weekend!

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