Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Great advice from Smart Women Take Risks

From the book, Smart Women Take Risks, by Helene Lerner
What makes you excited and gets the blood racing in your veins? Handling day to day tasks often leaves us with little time for reflection, causing us to end up stuck in situations we’ve outgrown. If you’re a little bored in your current career, you’ve waited too long. Any new position requires the leveraging of old skills along with learning new ones. Looking to make a change? Follow these hints:
Kindle a passion-passion is a great motivator, it’s what keeps you going when your energy or confidence flags.
Ponder things that panned out-recalling past times when you took a leap sets up a positive framework for moving forward.
Rethink fear-tilt your perspective to “jitters can be excitement”.
Seek mentors-ask senior leaders for their time.
Move your mind-does your mulling depress you or push you? Catch yourself when you have self-defeating thoughts and replace them with positive mind talk.

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