Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jim Cramer on Direct Sales in Tough Economic Times

Jim Cramer from Mad Money said Friday on his show that Direct Sales is where you want to be in tough economic times. Why? Because there is gigantic room for growth, most are international so they are helped by the weak dollar and people need to make extra money. He said the Bull Market right now is in door-to-door.

Many agree that we have more of an opportunity with the economy teetering on a recession.

In an article I read in the latest Network Marketing Business Journal it was stated that people need additional income right now and a low cost product with strong benefits.

In the same issue, there were two separate articles on who we should be looking at for our business. Don't ignore the 50+ market. They have more than half of all the disposable income in the U.S. and the 50+ group will increase 26% in ten years. They need our products and perhaps the business opportunity too. The 18-30 group is also attracted to our type of business because they are the most entrepreneurial generation thus far. They want freedom and to help others.

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