Monday, March 2, 2009

Green tea concentrate duos on special!

How would you like to have the same energy and focus you get from coffee, but not have to suffer the ill effects? Moodiness, jitters, crash later, etc.

Our Green Tea Water Amplifier is a decaffeinated Green Tea Concentrate that improves focus by stimulating brain cells. Green Tea is a super antioxidant that also boosts metabolism which = weight loss! How you ask? Studies show Green Tea helps the liver burn fat which helps you look and feel better. I will provide additional information on the liver and weight loss in my next blog entry.

Stressed out? Green Tea has also been shown to help adrenal function! Our no-calorie concentrate comes in a variety of great flavors that you can add to hot or cold beverages. Try the Peach with your unsweetened iced tea for a great peach tea.

There are many other beneficial ingredients in the various flavors as well, including acai, which has been called the world's most nutritious fruit.

Mixed Berry contains cranberry, blueberry and raspberry. The Citrus Formula is an amazing immune booster (extra benefit of citrus with green tea).

Each bottle contains 60 servings (typically lasts a couple of months)and each serving equals 4 cups of green tea, which is what is recommended by health experts.

I use these everyday to make my water more tasty and nutritious! Why wouldn't you add this to your health regime? Shop online at to save an additional 10% off this month!

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