Sunday, May 25, 2008

Skin care science is constantly evolving!

We are learning more daily about what we can do to help prevent the visible signs of aging. I will try to help set the record straight regarding how Seriesse can help you stay youthful-looking!
Yes, our Glycolic Cleanser is potent and effective even though you wash it off! Just put it on dry skin and wait a minute or two while you brush your teeth and you will feel the difference as it sweeps away the dead skin cells and improves the texture of your skin.
Use your Glycolic Mask and C-Exteme results two times a week max, as these products only work if your skin has time to recover in between. Otherwise, it could lose it's protective barrier and become weak or dull.
Over the counter retinol (our Vitamin A line) is able to increase the collagen in your skin by promoting the regrowth of new cells at the skin's deepest level. It takes a bit longer than it does with a prescription, but it's much gentler and you don't have restrictions like staying out of the sun.
By the way, expensive products do not have more science backing them up!
Don't overload your skin with a lot of different products all at once. Concentrate on one line at a time or one in morning and one at night. Everyone should use a good antioxidant serum followed by our sunscreen in the morning and our Vitamin A line at night. If you need more moisture at night like I do, you can do the Vitamin A Serum followed by a cream like the Calstrum, Uplift or the Olive Oil. Anti-aging creams work best at night because while you sleep, blood flow to the skin increases, the PH level decreases, and the protective barrier is weakened. The ingredients work best under these conditions. Antioxidants and SPF are key for daytime.
Anti-agers take time to work. It can take up to three months to reduce the appearance of fine lines and discoloration and deeper wrinkles can take up to six months. Go to my website, upper left, to order or to contact me for help in deciding what YOU need!

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