Thursday, May 1, 2008

John McCortney on S-Force Joint Support Supplement

In 1995 I was diagnosed with Spondololythesis, basically a broken back. Spodololythesis is a congential condition. I was born with it. I had it for 32 years without knowing I had a problem. Sure, I had back pain, but who doesn’t.

Out of the blue one day, I bent over and BANG, numbness and tingling in my legs. So, I went to the doctor. After an x-ray the condition was found. Subsequent talks with other doctors were really extreme. Some had the opinion I should never run or lift weights again. This scared me a little because I didn’t really want a paralysing injury in my future. Not to mention, I was a Personal Trainer and weight lifting and running are a big part of my life.

So, for a period of time I did what I was told and, oddly enough, my condition worsened. Now, everyday I had awful back pain and worse, hated the feeling of being out of shape. I was miserable.

Finally, I spoke to a Doctor that got it. She explained that I was OK before the problem, maybe I should just moderate my activity. So, I looked for a middleground. I began lifting again, but really monitored the weight and the mechanics of what I was doing. I needed to restrengthen my core. I slowly built my SQUAT weight back up to 225 pounds. I’ve always felt that in an emergency I should be able to carry someone my weight out of a disastrous situation.

During this time, I did have constant back pain and felt that it was moderate enough and was not debilitating for me. However, it was always present. I tried many different joint medications and over the counter pills, but none worked for me. I tried stretching and yoga, but nothing helped. If I ran or did squats, I was going to get some severe knee and back pain for a day or two afterward.

For 13 years my workout varied very little, although on occasion I would add a little more weight to my squat just to experiment. It always led to more back and knee pain.

Relief Is In Sight… Finally!

I began taking the Multi-Vitamins, Cholesterol Control, AMLA RUSH and Joint Support when they became available in November. I figured, what the hell, I’ve tried everything else.

In 5 months everything has changed! My back and knee pain has subsided to a barely perceptible level. But, here’s the best part, this morning I lifted 495 pounds off of the squat rack! I am in better shape than I was 15 years ago. My weight is down, my blood pressure is down, and my body fat percentage is down.

Pain equals STRESS, and my body is GRATEFUL the pain is GONE!

I’ve been in the fitness business for a long time and an exercise advocate even longer. I’ve tried everything there is to try in supplements. These are the best vitamins I have ever used, and I’ve used some that cost twice as much. Get some, you will not be disappointed.

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