Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Suffering with Acne? Seriesse can help!

Acne is caused by hormones and your skin's inability to slough off old, dead cells. As we move into summer, it's important to note that excessive sun exposure increases plugging of the pores! This is a new one for me that I just found out: You should also check your supplements to see if they contain iodine in greater amounts than 150 mcg. Amounts more than that could aggravate acne. And, you've heard this one before...don't squeeze or pick at your blemishes...it can force bacteria deeper into the skin and cause greater inflammation or infection. Picking can also lead to scarring. Some additional tips: don't touch your face, reduce stress and avoid milk (the hormones in milk may contribute to acne). Since high humidity stimulates oil production, you should be using a great skin care line (like our Continuously Clear line) as you move into the warmer months. Remember, there is no cure for acne, so even when it clears, you must stay on good products to keep your face clear. By the way, always use sunscreen! Ours is a non-greasy sunscreen that won't clog your pores. To order, go to my website (above left) and click on the product page to learn more about our skin care, supplements and makeup.

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