Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You're invited to join us for our 1-year anniversary with Seriesse!

March 19th-a webcast celebration-details to come!

We've launched our new makeup line to complement our 'beauty from the inside out' philosophy and to round out our product lineup. Learn more at

For January 30th and 31st ONLY, we'll be offering free gifts with every purchase of the Neutrals/Classics Makeup Kits and the Intro to Minerals Kit. If you order three items from the makeup line over $50, you'll also receive a free gift.

Free gifts end January 31st at midnight. Click here to see the entire makeup line:

Jennifer Flavin-Stallone introduced the line from her husband's office. Sylvester Stallone was off promoting Rambo in Spain, then Paris, according to Jennifer. Jennifer introduced

Lisa MacDonald, President of Product Development, who talked first about the Green Tea Water Amplifier. Click here to order:

When you are dehydrated it affects your skin, it looks flatter and thinner. This product helps with weight loss and helps decrease fatigue among other benefits.

This is one of the exclusive items to Seriesse! The items discussed in this entry, along with all of Sly's nutritional items, are only available through Seriesse (free shipping and specials are good until midnight January 31st on Sly's S-Force items). Usually green tea is sold in capsules because it's bitter. That's why so many people don't like green tea. Many of us won't drink it, even if we know it's good for us. This tastes WONDERFUL! I PROMISE! With all of our products we offer a 45 day money-back guarantee. You don't need to add sugar and it tastes great. No calories, no carbs. Curbs appetite. Turn your normal glass of water into a beauty treatment.

Celluduction, firms loose skin (20% improvement), reduces fat pads (by 43%), tightens surface skin. Ingredient complex that has been widely studied as beneficial for cellulite and loose, saggy skin. Seriesse nanofied (200x smaller than human skin cells) the ingredients so it is a treatment that delivers results. Click here to order individually (or go to the bottom of the entry to hear about an amazing special that includes the Celluduction)

Firmesse is one of our newer best-sellers! It's invisible fibers adhere to the skin and pull loose skin tighter. This is a new technology with polymers that works immediately and long-term. As it dries, it tightens loose facial skin or anywhere you feel you need the lift! Put this on top of your serums and moisturizers. Let it dry, then use your minerale makeup. Click here to order:

Now, a little more explanation about the makeup and how to apply it. Jennifer has covered the globe and has been on so many magazine covers as a professional model. She has taken all she has learned and created the makeup line. Take it from me, she is expert at making beautiful makeup with amazing colors. If you've been stuck in a rut with the same makeup for many years, TRY THIS, you will love it. Makeup that makes you look youthful and fresh. You will look like you, only better.

Choose your minerale color and they'll match the rest up for you in the kits! No guesswork about whether it matches or not. We offer 40% more makeup than the leading brand of mineral makeup you see on the market. There are no harmful chemicals. It's good for your skin. Mix the makeup in the lid (like a bowl)..swirl it on the brush and tap off excess, apply in circular motions with the brush. You'll get flawless coverage and a gorgeous glow. To apply your blush, smile and hit the apples of your cheeks, where the sun would naturally hit you. Jennifer searches high and low for the prettiest colors that make you look glamorous!

Classics and Neutrals work for everyone. We offer wood pencils, which are more expensive and always used by professionals. For your overall look, keep in mind this tip – if you go with a darker eye, go with a neutral lip, and the reverse - neutral face and strong, brightly colored lip. Tip: you need more color and depth on your lips as you get older.

Use the All-Over Warmth Minerale Powder LAST, on top of everything else.


Special kit for ONE MORE DAY!

This is $276 dollars worth of some of our best-sellers at only $99! If you are a consultant or a preferred customer, you can take an additional 20% off that price. Please contact me if you would like to sign up or hear more –

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