Saturday, January 12, 2008

Better health and prettier skin!

Seriesse has big plans for 2008!

Special product promotions are in effect RIGHT NOW through January 31st
FREE shipping and handling on all S-Force items! This is BIG! Contact all of your friends and family, all of your current customers and tell them as it’s another reason to reconnect and remind them of your business. Ask friends to host parties for you themed for health in the new year.

S-Force (daily survival kit for the new year)

Multi-Vitamins plus Amla Rush as a set-only $99.95 and FREE shipping and handling! Put this on autoship NOW! EVERYONE needs to be on these two items. I take both EVERY day.

We’ve gotten great testimonials and results right away on these supporting items:

Joint Support-immediate results

Green Tea Plus-great weight loss results

Cholesterol Control-quick results

All have FREE shipping and handling!

Happy New You product assortment for consultants and customers-$176 for $139.95 plus free shipping and handling. This kit includes a nice variety of skin care items geared for better skin during the winter months. Visit to order or for more information. You can also get more information about how you can become a consultant and earn a sizable residual income within your first year!

All the details on earning the cruise coming next week! It'll be retailing and get started now! This is a cruise for those who WIN the contest only and it will only be for the winner and significant other.

Consultants on team McCortney…Perpetual Success Team trainings are scheduled over the next few months, check your back office.

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