Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Testimonials for our Seriesse products + call info

The following were submitted by Kathy in MA:

1. My niece called me last night to tell me that she has been breaking out on her face. She used her Pro Active on one side and our Dry Lo on the other side of her face. She said the Dry Lo side was much better than the ProActive side.

2. A friend also called me last night to tell me that her daughter ran out of the Clearz It she was using on her face so she went back to using the Pro Active she was using before she tried the Clearz It. My friend said her daughters face was now a mess. Her breakouts were not being controlled and her skin was drying out. She said, "Please get me some Clearz It fast!"

3. My moms cholesterol went from 269 to 199 after using our Cholesterol Control.

If you are a customer, please go to for more information and to order.

These product testimonials came from one of our consultant's customers. Please send me any you have heard as I'm posting them on our upcoming website.

By the way, on our latest recorded weekly'll hear about 30 seconds of "dead air" at the very start, you can wait or fast forward to the open.

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