Friday, January 18, 2008

#1 in Personal Retail Sales shares her story

The notes below come from Director and Presidential Founder, Natalie Inna Croce, who is always willing to help others and is one of our best team players! She explains how she takes care of her customers. Great advice! Thanks Natalie!

I have really focused on my customer base and phone them every month to see how the products are working for them, if they have any questions and what other requirements they have. I also really do know the products because I have used them so long (8 years), believe and love them, and mix them all the time. I truly am an "expert" and advise people very easily on what they should be using based on their current skin concerns. The key is to watch and listen to them because they point out immediately what they are unhappy with, and if you have a solution, they will buy it!
I also have one of all the products Seriesse I keep separate in a case to demo. A great example is the demo of the difference of effect between Insta-tox and Firmesse. They provide similar results but in different ways. I have the customer try both and determine which feels better to them. The minute Seriesse comes out with a new product, I purchase it. I have used all the products at least once, so I personally know how they feel and smell.
I believe in starting a customer out with the necessary basics. I first introduce them to the to the C-Extreme Results then one of the sets, depending on their age and skin care concerns. While the scrub/potion are processing, I have them sample the different green teas and explain about the benefits of the Acai Berry. After they complete one of the sets, I introduce other favorites of mine like the Glycolic Mask, Olive Oil Moisturizer, Green Tea Plus and Firmesse. The minerale makeup goes on wonderfully after the Firmesse.
I personally work better with one-on-one's versus parties. I find skin care to be very personal and confusing for most women. At parties it is easy to get distracted and lose focus. Women tend to buy less. One-on-ones allow me to spend about 1.5 hours with one person. However, I spend quality and quantity time with her, and she experiences everything she purchases. In addition, it really sets in my expertise and trust with her for a continued relationship. I find these customers trust my advice over the phone when introducing them to additional as well as new Seriesse products.
I also provide traditional "Customer Service" service to my local customers. I personally set up their account and give them their Login and Password (in person or via email) and let them know they can change it anytime (they usually do not). I keep this information in a folder, so if they have additional requests they trust me to handle it for them, and I do immediately. I have purchased Click & Ship through the USPS, so I can pay and print my own labels from my home and return customer orders to Seriesse. I will personally drop off any exchanges. I leave samples on door knobs all the time of new products or additional products they may enjoy. They will phone me for any request, and I will email or phone customer service for them. I really do go above and beyond. The everyday woman with children is simply too busy and WILL put things off! If I take the time to phone them and ask them my "Seriesse," they will request additional items.
Again, this is what the corporate office is trying to develop with Seriesse that Serious Skin Care does not provide. We are in a time of automation, and I do believe we miss and crave the "human touch." The way I view myself is my Customer is my Boss, and I am their Personal (skin care) Assistant. I am proficient at my job (skin care) and their right hand person in this department. I do what it takes to make them happy and keep my job. The better I do my job, the more they trust me, need me and pay me over time.
You can break this up into different parts if you like. I know it's a lot of information. I think the key is really knowing your products and how they work separately as well as together. This develops trust with Customers and Consultants and longterm relationships. The Customer Service is the other piece. You really have to go above and beyond to stand out and create loyalty.
Thanks for asking. You know I'll share everything but when you ask me these questions it makes me think.

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Just wanted to drop a note that Natalie is such a great person and wonderful mentor. She is always willing to help unconditionally. I agree, a GREAT team player.
Denise Weisbrod