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42% of women struggle with dry skin.

What can you do? Use a good moisturizer. Click below to watch a video Jennifer and I did for a great repair cream:

If you have extremely dry skin, we have our Olive line. This is a treatment for night and you can put it right on top of your other products:

Use sunscreen. The sun dehydrates the skin! By the way, you need sunscreen even in the winter and even for casual exposure. Otherwise, you un-do all the good you do with your products. Click below to order our sunscreen which is not going to break out your skin. It is light weight and good for your skin.

Don’t over exfoliate, but use a scrub two times a month. Click here to order:

This is one of my favorites!

Another one of my favorites you need is our mask:

Use this no more than one time per week if you are really dry. Both exfoliators help rid the skin of the dead outer layer and keep your skin looking bright instead of dull and dry. Exfoliating will also help allow your other skin care products to work better. If you want to order at a discount (20% off the prices you see), you'll need to set up an account first and you can do that by clicking opportunity, become a preferred customer. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

For those who are in the 84% who want results in less than a month, our products really do deliver results quickly. We have percentages of active ingredients like you would find in doctor and dermo offices.

So, dry skin is the #1 problem, a close runner-up is acne. 41% of women complain about it. What can you do?

Avoid facials. Steam can swell skin’s top layer and trap oil and bacteria within. Use sunscreen and limit sun exposure. Because benzoyl peroxide can dry the skin, make sure to moisturize. I highly recommend you try our Continuously Clear line before you try anything else for acne:

It’s what cleared Jennifer’s skin and it’s why she is in the beauty business! If you have any questions, please go to my website and contact me.

A mere 18% of women say they have tried antioxidants. Too bad since most doctors say antioxidants, especially vitamins C and E fight skin-damaging free radicals and may help delay wrinkling. Mix it up, use the C Essentials

at night and A Essentials

in the daytime. Dermatologist’s preferred wrinkle fighter with decades-long research on retinol and collagen building. Don’t give up, you’ll endure two weeks of dry skin and then you’ll be rewarded with a glowing, smoother complexion. To deal with the flaky skin, exfoliate with a washcloth and use plenty of moisturizer.

23% of women would choose flawless skin over a 5K raise! Instead of Botox, try our Ice Age with GABA:

the next leading product with GABA sells for $115.00!

Add nutritionals like green tea and grapeseed extract

which have anti-inflammatory qualities and can calm the skin. All of the products offered in our S-Force line are AMAZING! I don’t say that lightly. I am very impressed, and have done my homework. For those of you who don’t know, I spent my last 20 years selling products at HSN. I’ve seen and studied them all! These are great products. By the way, in the news 1-20-08, hyaluronan is helping those with arthritic joints. Many are having it injected into their joints. Try our joint support first and you will be very impressed. I’ve heard great testimonials already in just a few months. Save on shipping until the end of January.

Here is a great overview of everything:

We are different, here’s why:

Now, mark your calendar for January 30th, because Jennifer Flavin-Stallone will take you through our latest makeup items from her home in Beverly Hills. You may even see Sly or the kids in the background!

Click here to watch at 8:30 pm Eastern:

We have the amazing mineral makeup available right now. Most will be the medium shade.

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Debra Mitchell said...

My name is Debra Mitchell,I wanted to share how Seriesse has helped me with my "Rosacea" problem. Seriesse does not claim that their products will heal or cure rosacea, but this is my story of how the products have helped me. I mainly had redness on my cheeks, and you could see tiny broken veins in this area. I always felt self conscious from it. Since I switched my skin care to Seriesse, people find it hard to believe I had this issue. I use the Olive Oil Essentials Emulsifying Cleanser, next a thin layer of Rulinea-FX Essentials all over my face, and neck (this helps with redness and inflamation) Around my eyes I use Super Creamerum Eye Essentials. I also had enlarged pores that annoyed me as well... and found Glyco Essentials a few times a week to be very helpful along with a touch of FIRMese daily!