Monday, February 11, 2008


Excerpts from an article in the magazine, Selling Now

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I was making $50,000 as a nurse and $30,000 in what I considered my fun job, the jewelry sales.”

Products that require explanation or client education tend to thrive in the direct sales environment.

About 75% are women and 75% work part-time.

Success in direct sales is a matter of finding out what's a good fit for you.

Choose a product you would use even if you weren't selling it. Even better if you're passionate about it because the passion will drive your business.

The desire to achieve is the most important thing, a willingness to just go for it.

People need to realize it's not just going to fall into their laps. You have to put your time into it. In the end it will give you what you want.

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Debra Mitchell said...

Mindy, thanks for sharing this article. I put a link to this from my blog. Look forward to your call next week!