Friday, February 15, 2008


I have very exciting news to share with you! I've developed a friendship with author, Bob Burg, and he has graciously offered to do a training call for our team! I am very excited about this and encourage you to join us Wednesday, February 20th at 7 pm Eastern for this call. I will ask that you please get on the call early so we don't have interruptions, and if you email me ahead of time, I'll put your name on a list to ask a question of Bob. In the meantime, you may want to pick up his book:

Bob also has another best-seller, The Go-Giver: A Little Story about a Powerful Business Idea, written along with John David Mann, The Zen of MLM author. I've read them both and highly recommend them.

By reading Endless Referrals, you can expect to:

1-Create more sales in less time,

2-Overcome your prospecting fears and 3-Generate qualified leads fast.

I have been using the advice from this book for a long time and didn't realize until now how much great information I got from Bob! I recently went over all my highlighted portions from his book and here are just a few of the many tips given in his book::

Having a big list of contacts makes you more confident, gives you posture (you care, but not that much).

People buy from people they know, like and trust.

The idea of going through the Yellow Pages to jog your memory for your list, and putting your business card in when you pay your monthly bills and when you leave a tip.

The idea of sending a notepad with a photo and your website to your potential clients, came from Bob's book! The reason for this: you become “familiar” to them and you are always “top of mind”.

We will all learn a lot from Bob and I'm so thankful for this opportunity. Please put it on your calendar. Bob will tailor his message for us and gear it toward our business. He will train on Creating Endless Prospects and Referrals! Have a great weekend!

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