Saturday, February 23, 2008


I decided to have a Make Up and Mocha party for several reasons. 1st....women respond well to theme style parties. A theme adds a bit of "fun and flavor" to the party concept, it is also gives us a way to promote our products in a unique way.

I will be serving mocha drinks, lattes, cappuccino and good old fashioned coffee! Pastries, coffee cake and a nice fruit/cheese/crackers platter.

I'll have all the make up set up for viewing and sampling. I also have my friend and make up artist (from HSN) Nelda doing some 3 make overs. I've asked 3 customers that are already using our skin care (and loving it!) to be testimonials for the skin care and let Nelda apply our new make up at the party. Nelda will also be giving tips to the women about proper make up application. Nelda will also speak VERY highly of the benefits of using our Mineral Make up and other cosmetics. I think the professional recommendation will make everyone want to buy it even more! Having a make up artist is NOT necessary, but if someone has access to one, it can't hurt.

The party focus will be on the make up line, but I will also have 3 skin care lines on the table and I will talk about them for about 15 minutes. I don’t think it's necessary to bring all the skin care out, but we can mention we have something for everyone. I will also be doing demos with the C Extreme.

I teamed up with 3 other consultants on my team, we will all pitch in on the day of the party. Someone will answer questions, someone will take orders, make sure everyone is served, etc.

We will give away a few free products during the party. We have 2 big drawings for those that brought a friend and purchased, and also those that book a party will go in a drawing for S Force and get 20% their order. Overall, it is about having fun and making lots of sales!!

My website address for my blog is Let me know if you need anything else!! I also used to create an invitation and it helps to do this because people are more inclined to make a committment to come to the party.

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cheryl said...

Love the idea! British - You wrote a great article in MLM I was excited to see such an important issue addressed. I couldn't agree with you more regarding how diversity is good for the soul!