Thursday, February 7, 2008


Hi Mindy,
Happy New Year! My retail approach has been pretty basic. I think my love and conviction of the products really helps. My efforts have been more with retail than recruiting because that's the way I was introduced to Seriesse having been a customer of Jennifer's for 12 years.
I use email a lot and word of mouth. I try on a weekly basis to send emails to 2 groups, current customers and those I call future customers. All are people I know or acquaintances. I will either highlight a particular product, send info. on current advertising/webcasts, or specials currently available. With persistance, results come through. In December, I had people ordering on my website without knowing about it, which I thought was pretty awesome. By continually keeping Seriesse in people's minds, little by little, I have people calling to come over and try the products, always resulting in a new customer and often a sale over $100.
I've started asking for referrals and encouraging get togethers to earn the host rewards. Since I have one of everything set up in my home, I also offer individuals to bring a group of friends to my house to try Seriesse in a laid back environment and they earn the hostess rewards for their group sales, no fuss for them.
We hear so much about what to do and what not to do, people need to take action in a manner they feel comfortable with rather than do nothing at all. I plan on doing a mailing with brochures, we'll see how that goes.
A friend of mine who loves our shampoo and conditioner(as I do) shared with me she went to her hairdresser a few weeks ago and while sitting in the chair talking about what they were going to do, her hairdresser said what have you been doing to your hair, it's so shiny and in great condition! Paula has only been using the Zero Fade since Christmas when I gave it to her as a gift and couldn't believe her hairdresser noticed such a difference.
Have a great day!


Debra Mitchell~ said...

Jenni, thanks so much for sharing. I love your ideas, and look forward to trying them!
~Debra Mitchell

ebe said...

Great advice! can you explain a little about how your home is set up. How do you display the products?