Monday, February 4, 2008


(from an Investor's Business Daily article)

No one meets more resistance than people who sell for a living. 80% of sales occur between the fifth and 12th contact, the other 20% happen on the first four contacts.

Check out where DM Arenzon compiles his secrets. He says cold-calling is very mentally draining. Present yourself as an energetic expert more interested in a consultative relationship than a sales pitch. Then you won’t appear desperate.

People are less likely to immediately reject you in person than over the phone. Bring candy when you visit prospects. If someone asks you to leave, always smile and say, “Please excuse my persistence.”

Frank Rumbauskas, Selling Sucks: How to Stop Selling and Start Getting Prospects to Buy. You need to get people contacting you that are predisposed to buying this product.

By offering useful information, you indicate that you offer a lot of value and you elevate your status. Get media coverage by using a press release service to communicate your expertise.

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