Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is from USA Weekend in the Sunday paper.
Green tea for the brain (from EatSmart, by Jean Carper, in USA Weekend on 2/3/08)
"A chemical in green tea may bring dying brain cells back to life, say Israeli investigators. They showed that EGCG, green tea's main antioxidant, revived animal neurons resembling those killed by Parkinson's disease. Adding small amounts of EGCG to dying brain cells made them bounce back; they became healthier and grew new dendrites (nerve appendages that carry messages from cell to cell.) Some studies show EGCG to be safe in high doses, but the Israeli researchers advise drinking no more than five or six cups of gren tea daily. More may not be better, they say."
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Team: I love Jean Carper's books. Check them out if you can!

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