Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boost your Metabolism, Lose Fat, Gain Muscle

Our goal this month is to be in control and make decisions from a position of strength. Have you done your wheel and figured out where you’d like to improve? Have you set a baby step? If so, and you’ve been sticking to it, I’m sure you are feeling stronger and more in control of your choices.
Today I’d like to talk about metabolism (metabolic rate=rate at which your body burns calories for energy). We are going to work on increasing metabolism so calories are burned faster and less body fat is produced. We are talking about a lifetime plan you can live with, making small changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle, not counting or cutting calories!
The reason I recommend taking what you would normally eat and breaking it into 6 small meals is because every time you eat, your metabolism increases. This also keeps you in control of your appetite. Make sure you have some protein for breakfast (an S-Force whey protein shake works)!
From the book, Fat to Fit Without Dieting, by Jeanne Rhodes, your body produces less fat and more energy from smaller, frequent feedings, plus the time of day you eat also influences your body’s fat production. Eating a big meal at night really is counterproductive because the thermic effect of food is lower by evening, and your body’s caloric requirements are also lower by evening.
She goes on to say that Fiber Fights Fat! Load up on grains and vegetables because high fiber foods combine with the fat in a meal to prevent some of its absorption and fiber increases food transit time (moves through the intestines quicker limiting caloric absorption. Aim to have fiber in each of your meals and snacks.
I used to eat a turkey roll-up (turkey wrapped in provolone cheese) as my lunch, thinking I was doing the right thing by cutting the carbs with bread. I recently added whole grain bread to it and I find I’m satisfied for a much longer time! Try it!
I hope you are having a successful week.

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