Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gain passion and fitness with us!

I hope you are incorporating some small changes into your routine so by the end of the month they will be habits you can be proud of!
If you have someone to help hold you accountable, send them your baby step you will commit to this week (something you WILL do and CAN'T FAIL AT! By being accountable to another, you are working on keeping your promises to yourself as well!
Remember your goals are dreams with a deadline. Make them SMART.
Don’t forget to take your supplements daily, proper nutrients help your body to lose weight and keep you happy and focused.
I’ve done some additional research on our multi and I'm continually impressed! I’ll give you new information on the call Saturday, but here is a sneak peak.
Calcium is needed to increase the breakdown of body fat, Folic acid and Omegas improve mood and you’ll feel less stressed on high levels of Vitamin C. If you are interested in joining my Health Coaching group, please contact me at www.myseriesse.com/mindy and I'll give you the details. It's FREE with an order or our weight loss kit!
By the way, do your affirmations, they work!
Any questions or concerns, let me know.
Have a great day!

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