Monday, January 19, 2009

I have what you need for energy and weight loss!

Because we don’t get all the nutrients we need from our food, we must supplement. The nutrients in our supplements will provide optimum health, but will also help you with your weight loss goals! Our S-Force multi-vitamin is a must!
If you are cutting calories and not currently supplementing with amino acids, you need our S-Pro whey protein powder. Essential amino acids are called that because they are required to support life.
By taking your amino acids in a protein shake, you are assured they are in the proper ratios. It will also help you lose weight and maintain muscle. In addition, it helps with your mood and energy while dieting! Adding this into your diet will help normalize a slow metabolism.
Amino acids should be taken with some fruit juice so here is the winning recipe. Use our Amla juice concentrate, cold water and a scoop of protein powder. If you need a little extra, use a half of a frozen banana!
We are about preventive medicine! Check out my website at and email me or call me for more information.
The right food and supplements are half the battle. For lasting weight loss and to be a happier, more well-adjusted person, you must move the body! The best time for working out is in the morning…studies show you burn more fat in the morning. Second best is in the evening before dinner. Aim for 30 minutes, 6 days a week. If you can find time to add 15-20 minutes later in the day, you will lose weight faster and up your metabolism.

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